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Veridicus Health care Pvt. Ltd is a leading supplier and exporter of surgical products, that are being manufactured by the company using premium grade material to ensure quality and International standard for our buyers. We believe in delivering products that are not only durable but also are of mark able quality and of optimum performance. Our main aim is to enhance the value of our global businesses by developing cost effective medical and health care products and innovating the best therapy solutions that fulfill the needs of our customers to improve their health.

We constantly thrive to increase the growth and development in the area of medical needs, to increase our business perspective and undertake full responsibility of the people by helping them in every possible manner, by exporting our products and regaining the orders for the wholesale suppliers at different places according to the necessity healthcare material and as well we supply the products through ecommerce site, that makes an easy way for our customers to purchase the products online and get it delivered at the doorsteps.

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We Deal in Numerous Orthopedic Products Like

We have huge presence in the B2C and B2B market place and exploring the right opportunities to enter into Export Market segment.

Cervical Collar Soft

Cervical collar also known as neck brace is a product used by patients who are suffering from neck injuries or traumatic head and are also being used to treat chronic medical conditions.

Arm Sling

Arm sling is a product used to cure and keep in place an injured part of the body. These are majorly used for different type of injuries like dislocated arm or broken fractured body part.

Shoulder Immobilizer

Shoulder Immobilizers are used to cure shoulder pains and are mostly recommended by physicians against the increased likelihood of joint injury that further breakdowns the tissues and no longer functions well.

Wrist Brace

Wrist base is a garment worn around the wrist to protect it during strong use and allows healing wrist pains.

Finger Support

Finger support product are used to heal and support the limb or a spine for the immobilization of broken bones or damaged joints and provides support for joints during activities.

Abdominal Support

Abdominal support is an obstacle product used to heal up abdominal tummy or belly stomach to cure up the abdominal cavity.


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