LONGLIFE Crepe Bandage

225.00 350.00

  • Compression bandage for all orthopaedic and general use, like strains, sprains, painful Joints, dislocation, sports mishaps, varicose veins, bums, slain grafts and post-operative conditions etc
  • Featuring 2 clips are provided with each bandage
  • Optimum elasticity
  • Provides optimum support to the user and holds the wrapped area well
  • The fine quality crepe bandage is manufactured to D.I.N./B.I.S. specifications non fraying edges
Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 16.76 × 6.6 × 6.1 cm



A crepe bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical device such as dressing or splint on its own to provide support or to restrict the movement of the body.Wrap Longlife Bandage around the affected area. Take caution while wrapping, if fasten tightly then it may obstruct blood circulation. When the bandage is wrapped around completely, use pin at the end to hold.


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