Longlife Ice Bag Hot and Cool Pack

189.00 350.00

  • Reaches to any contours of body, economical, light-weight, reusable and children-friendly
  • Comfortable to use, water repellent body, plastic neck fitting, ready-to-use anywhere you go
  • Recommended by doctors and physio therapists, reduces body temperature during high fever
  • Suitable in high fever, muscular injuries, sprains, relieve pain and swelling from bruises, widely used by sports person
  • Color selection option is not available we will dispatch any of the colored ice bag from our selection
Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 13 × 4.5 cm



Trouble with sudden headaches or joint pains? Make sure you always have one of these ice packs handy! It's amazing for icing down headache from your weekend hangover, sore muscles from your visit to your chiropractor, and other knee or joint pains. Get immediate hot or cold therapy by just putting hot water or ice in the bag and lock it securely. Its superior quality material and leak-proof design makes sure that the problem area remains dry so you can prioritize relief. *Conveniently ease discomfort from muscles and joint pains *Quick relief from swelling and painful inflammation *Help alleviate pain, aches and soreness *No mess treatment due to leak-proof secure-lock system *Bring comfort to annoying headaches and sore muscles,


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