LONGLIFE Shoulder Immobilizer Universal (Classic, Small, Blue)

295.00 480.00

  • Shoulder cup ensures extra compression
  • To be used in cases of Brachial plexus injury, Upper arm fracture,Post surgical protection ,Shoulder subluxation/ dislocation, Rotator cuff injury as recommended by doctor.
  • Immobilizes shoulder in functional position. Provides rest to shoulder.
  • Wide chest swathe—for optimal support.
  • Hook & loop closures— for simple fitting. Fits right and left arm.
Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 3 cm



Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer is a lightweight, sleek and smart design to provide immobilization in shoulder dislocation and post operative rehabilitation. It reduces abduction and arm rotation by positioning the arm close to the body. It comes with a shoulder cup, which improves grip, immobilization, warmth and confidence of the patient. Scientific design : Provides six -way immobilization, well ventilated and comfortable, sleek and smart, can be used in patients with open wounds around the shoulder and effective even in patients confined to bed. Shoulder cup : Improves grip on the injured shoulder, improves immobilization, provides warmth, speeds up the process of healing and enhances confidence of the patient.


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